Why choose Intermountain Record Center?


Intermountain Record Center is a Wyoming company!


Intermountain Record Center, Inc. is a registered Wyoming corporation started in 1983 as a family owned partnership. When you do business with IRC you support Wyoming employees,Wyoming vendors and your Wyoming economy. 


We hire people who live in Wyoming because they have the same values, work ethic and lifestyle as ourselves and our customers.


We buy locally, if not in Casper then through a business in Wyoming because we know that every dollar that stays here makes a difference to our fellow businesses and our own economy.  Granted, we operate in a specialized industry that requires us to purchase specialized equipment and supplies, but even our specialty suppliers are American companies!


When you spend your hard earned dollars with IRC, you know that you are supporting Wyoming and America.  Your money stays HERE!


Intermountain Record Center has stood the test of time!


Intermountain Record Center, Inc. has been in business for 28 years.  We keep current with technology, attentive to our client’s needs, and adhere to excellent business management principles.


Janie Wait, our president, has been a member of ARMA International for 10 years, is an annual presenter at their International Conferences and has developed a network of records management professionals to keep her current with RIM technology.


IRC has the old fashioned philosophy that our valued customers are the most important focus of the company. We guarantee our products and services 100%!!  We are attentive but never pushy, preferring a “consultive” approach to our customer service and marketing approach.  We want to know what we can do for you and then concentrate on making sure you get what you want, when you want it, in the most cost effective manner possible. 


No business survives for long without excellent management practices. Janie received her BA from San Jose State in California in 1979  and MBA from the University of Wyoming in 2000.  She has used her education to steer a clear, solid course for IRC through the years.     


Intermountain Record Center has the expertise!


Intermountain Record Center, Inc. knows every aspect of document management, Wyoming Archives standards, and US RIM regulations.


 Janie is the only active Certified Records Manager in Wyoming which is the highest level of RIM professionalism in the world. She has developed unique skills from owning and operating a service bureau in Wyoming for so many years that set her apart from the rest of the industry.  She learned to operate and repair all the equipment, wrote the operations manual for the as she performed every employee function, takes industry standards for each of services into account and customer expectations seriously, then applies some good old Wyoming common sense to make sure that our customers get the very best advice regarding their records management needs and service from our company.


IRC has worked with the State of Wyoming Archives to promote excellence in Wyoming’s records management practices, knows their standards and adheres to their specifications. We regularly refer our clients to Archives for unbiased information because they don’t care who does the work as long as it is done to the highest standards. 


RIM regulations have been growing at an unprecedented pace as our country tries to get a grip on what rules need to be in place to protect our best interests!  Private and public information, whether personal or corporate, must be administered and protected properly for our great county to prosper but keeping up with all the rules is a never ending prospect.  We know the regulations and will make sure you are aware of the regulations that affect you so you can rest easy!


Why choose Intermountain Record Center?


Because we make sure you have all the information you need to make the best decision possible, then make sure it is done right!!




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